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~ Southerly ~

A young adult exploration of the southern gothic, Southerly hinges together the mysterious, beautiful, and the sublime of a coastal, North Carolina town in the American South. In this bildungsroman novel, fifteen-year-old Stella wrestles with social stigmas, family illnesses both mental and physical, as well as literal survival, all while navigating the hardest decision she’s faced yet.

With anti-heroine Grandma Louise, an ill mother, absent father, and a derelict uncle or two, Stella tries to keep her head above water as family secrets seep in through the woodwork.  

Between the rumors, alligators, a mysterious new friendship with a boy she never knew she knew, and the family history that explains it all, Southerly propels Stella into the eye of the storm that’s been building for decades. Meanwhile, her family around her is springing leaks, and its hurricane season...

~ Thornhope series ~

~ Tinkerbelle; Her Tale to Tell ~

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